love letters

Dear Bill and Julie,

We love it. We love the video! I have been meaning to write you a letter of our great appreciation for the professional filming of our happiest day. You guys were awesome. This was the best money we spent by far for the Wedding. You caught everything and we remembered nothing as the evening went by so very fast. If we had not had the video those special moments would never have been captured. You two have saved them for us forever. They will be etched in our hearts forever and we can share them with our loved ones who could not be with us that day.

We would highly recommend you without hesitation and would welcome anyone calling us for a reference. We mean this from the bottoms of our hearts. I gotta say out of everyone we did business with for our wedding you two were the most professional and did more than you promised. We can’t thank you enough.
— Tom & Candy

You were a pleasure to work with on our wedding! We are so happy with the result. The wedding video turned out great and we love it, as does everyone we show it to. You conducted yourselves with the utmost professionalism and captured every moment. The care and creativity shown in the production of the video is a testament to your work and character.

We would definitely recommend Williams Videography without hesitation.
— Terry & Kim

Dear Bill and Julie,

Darrel and I want to thank you for the wonderful gift that you gave us. You gave us the gift of memories that we can cherish thru all of the years. Our wedding video was the most fantastic gift that we had ever received.

In getting ready for the wedding, planning, parties, angst and fun we knew that we wanted a video recording of our day but had never thought that we would have something so amazing. As you know, getting married by the ocean, you don’t think about the sound, you just think about the other things...dresses, food, flowers, atmosphere and of course the idea of “getting married”! But after it was all done, and all the fun had happened and we settled down to our wonderful life, you gave us the video of our wedding. And WOW!...

We wanted to take a second and just say a heartfelt thank you both! My husband and I were incredibly impressed with your professionalism, enthusiasm and work ethic. From the emails to the in-person meetings, you not only genuinely cared but also had our best interest at heart.
— Robert & Kelley Jacobsen, Monte Verde Inn, Foresthill

Dear Bill and Julie

I really enjoyed watching the section on the DVD where all of our friends and family got to leave us a special DVD messages. It made me cry (with joy) at the messages from my maid of honor Nancy and our parents. This was a special gift, one that means the world to me.
— Anne B.

Dear Bill and Julie,

Wow has time flown! I’ve been slow in getting this letter to you. Please know that you have continually been in my thoughts. I want you to know how thankful we have been that you were the one to do the video of our wedding! Your was( or should I say is as I continue to watch the DVD) amazing! I just can’t get over how great they are. Not only is there the DVD of the actual wedding, but also the DVD of our photos to music. They both look/sound/feel like they were something that Hollywood came out with. I just love them! ...
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