I have to say that it was well above any expectation of anything we ever hoped for. We had thought, just a recording to remember the day, but the thought, effort and love that went into our video was so very obvious. I remember the day we got it. We put it in and saw the snapshots set to music, shots that our photographer had taken, shots our friends had taken, shots we had never seen and it was all set to the most perfect music. The music that mirrored our thoughts. It made me cry. I was totally choked up at the visuals that I was seeing and the feelings it brought back to me. Then.... I saw the video of the wedding and then I couldn’t stop crying with joy. The way you started it with the opening prayer scrolling down the screen while hearing it read and then after, hearing our vows spoken by our children and us. It was amazing. What I had mentioned earlier was we never thought about the sound, we had found out that most people couldn’t hear us over the waves. They said it didn’t matter, they could see the love but I will tell you, when I showed people and in the time since it has always moved everyone to tears. The beauty you captured was priceless!!! The fact that you and Julie made it so easy we never were conscientious that we were being filmed all the way thru the reception.

The gift that Williams Videography, you and Julie gave uscan never be repaid and thanks are never enough but thank you. We and our friends and family have enjoyed the videos and the ones that are out of state had asked for copies echo our thanks. Your gift is priceless.

Thank you for the most wonderful gift we could ever receive! Our deepest appreciation,
— Mollie and Darrel Hughes.

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