Also we’ve given the copies you gave us to my parents, Jason’s parents and even the Grandparents. My grandmother wrote to thank me for me the copy of the DVD of the wedding and I quote: ‘Watching the DVD was like reliving that special event. A marvelous gift! Thank you!’ I think my grandmother sums it! I get to see things that I didn’t even notice due to being a busy bride. It’s just too special for words!

I believe most soon to be brides worry making sure everything goes off without any problems. And I have to say I was no different. However, you and your wife totally helped to put me at at ease. I knew we had chosen the best videographers in the business when you took time out before the wedding to see the location and planned ahead on everything from where to put microphones and camera’s to taking the time answering all of my questions and concerns. But then came the day of the event, you were there early and stayed late! You were on top of everything, thinking of everything that I had never even considered. You totally WOW-ed both myself and Jason and all of our family!!

I really enjoyed watching the section on the DVD where all of our friends and family got to leave us a special DVD messages. It made me cry (with joy) at the messages from my maid of honor Nancy and our parents. This was a special gift, one that means the world to me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!

Should you ever need a reference both Jason and I would be happy to field any calls!
I’ve got a couple of cards sitting under my computer screen just in case I meet someone who is looking for a videographer. They just can’t go wrong with you!

Thank you again for everything!
— Anne Bower
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